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Whoopi And Joy Cross Line With New Insult For Trump Fans, Compare Them To Mississippi Burning Scandal

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Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are nervous for all the wrong reasons. They have bought the media narrative that Trump is a danger hook, line, and sinker and have acted accordingly.

Look, if Trump wins the left may be pleasantly surprised – some of the things he wants to do like a big infrastructure plan funded by the government (not backed by Wall Street) is very popular on the left. It also used to be, just four years ago, that the left wanted to end stupid wars and wanted to bring our troops home.

We don’t know what will happen and rather try to understand each other The View hosts lash out like they did when they insulted Trump fans by likening them to the KKK yesterday.

Goldberg opened up with ‘Truckloads of You-Know-Who’s supporters,” then discussed Trump’s Texas supporters following a Biden bus saying, “I’m here to let you know that that is one of the most dangerous things you can do because buses can’t stop on a dime.”

“Thank God this person saw and slowed in order to let you do what you did which looked a lot like a scene out of “Mississippi Burning,” Goldberg added.

“You know, when trucks, or when trucks and cars surrounded people who are trying to drive. It was really freaky to see.”

She went on, “With what I’ve been seeing, his supporters have given me a flashback, as I said and when they talk about, oh, we think there’s going to be some issues happening, who do they think is going to start this? I haven’t seen any Biden flags trapping anybody; I haven’t seen any of that. Am I crazy, you guys? When you saw this caravan, did it remind you of a 50’s thing as well?”

Joy Behar said: “Yes. That was very reminiscent of what you were talking about, ‘Mississippi Burning.’ You don’t see Biden people doing that. Biden people, the protesters, are tear-gassed, as a matter of fact. And these agitators are crazed, and then made up stories about, that they were protecting the bus.”

Co-host Sunny said,

“I saw the fact that Trump has emboldened bigots and racists to come out from under their rocks. I mean, before we knew this kind of bigotry and racism and anger and hatred existed in the country of course, it was taboo to behave this way. He has emboldened them. He calls them patriots after an incident like this and when you learn more about the incident, you know, these were heavily armed people brandishing weapons in their trucks. They outnumbered police officers, 50 to 1.”

I also started thinking about the Black Panthers and when they were in California at a state building, with their legal weapons, they were arrested and the laws were changed because of it. Yet, these people who are terrorizing others are called patriots by the President of the United States.

“And I say to people, do you want four more years of this? We’re on the eve of an election, do you want more four more years of bigotry, racism and hatred? Approved by the administration, by the President of the United States. Because that is what has been happening over the past four years and this is direct — this is in direct relation to the country having elected a black president. That’s what this is about. Pure and simple. It’s about racism, hatred and bigotry.”