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Joy Behar Blames Joe Manchin and The Republicans For Joe Biden’s Embarrassing Cave To The ‘Pariah

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“The View” hosts tried their best to defend President Joe Biden after he caved and publicly gave a vote of confidence to the ‘pariah’ Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Whoopi Goldberg said: “We say we’re not going to talk to these people, we’re not going to do it and then suddenly, you’re having to figure out how you converse with them because you’ve got to deal with them but, but I just wanted to read something someone handed me.

“He didn’t have to go to Saudi Arabia, however, to find a country that’s violating human rights or a country that’s opposing women because plenty of states we live in are doing the same thing. 

“Remove protective rights from women, disallowing women control over their bodies. 

“So I just want to say, you know, I think part of the big problem that we have is our own hands are dirty quite often.”

Joy Behar said:

“I do defend Biden quite a bit I know, but it’s like, if Manchin and some of these Republicans would allow the industries to cut back on fossil fuels and get alternative fuels going, he wouldn’t have to, you know, fist bump this guy.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said:

I had a problem when Trump did it, but I don’t think that Biden gets a pass just because he’s a Democrat.

“Just because that he’s a Democratic president.

“I think that this, it’s bad no matter how you look at it, and we shouldn’t be here saying, well, Trump did it so it’s okay that Biden did it

“It’s just not okay.

“In my view, I understand that he was there because of the oil prices. 

“I understand that we should be taxing American oil companies that are gouging Americans,” Hostin said before accusing Biden of normalizing MBS by giving him a “photo op that he wanted.”

“Is he really normalizing it?” Behar said still trying to defend Biden.

“This is the rehabilitation that MBS wants,” Hostin said. 

“Joe Biden gave that to him.”