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Republicans Could Snub Their Leader After Subpar Midterms – “Not a Foregone Conclusion” to Make Kevin McCarthy Speaker

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What’s Happening:

Despite all the bluster over a lack of a “red wave,” Republicans are sure to take the House back from Nancy Pelosi. Republicans will be in a critical position to check Biden’s bankrupt agenda–and even investigate him and his family.

But the all-important question needs to be asked, “Who will hold the gavel”? With a Republican majority, the next Speaker is sure to be conservative. It might not, however, be the man who has been gunning for it for years.

From Fox News:

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., on Wednesday signaled that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy may hit a few speed bumps on his quest to become the next House speaker, arguing the Republican conference needs to have “a serious discussion” about leadership…

“But I think we need to have a serious discussion,” Biggs continued. “He’s back peddled on things like impeachment and, in some ways, that indicates a willingness to be weakening the oversight authority that we need to have and the leverage points we need to have in order to deal with a Democrat president.”

It doesn’t seem that all House Republicans are on board with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy taking the gavel from Pelosi. It’s easy to assume this is because Republicans are butthurt over the lack of a “red wave” last Tuesday.

But you have to ask, who predicted an “incredible” wave? Many of those predictions came from liberal polling firms, who had reason to manipulate the election. Nobody seems to be asking the real questions about Tuesday’s results, particularly the failure of men like Mitch McConnell to unite the party.

Rep. Biggs, however, raised more pressing questions about whether McCarthy is the right leader, regardless. He accused McCarthy of “back peddling” on promises to launch an impeachment probe against Biden.

Biggs also accused McCarthy of “weakening the oversight authority” of House committees. Republicans see this authority as vital in leveraging legislation. Especially after Democrats all but abused their power, when they controlled House committees.

The choice of Speaker will be decided in the coming months, once all the election results are clear. Will McCarthy end up with the gavel? I guess we’ll find out eventually.

Key Takeaways:

  • House Republicans are now questioning if they should make Kevin McCarthy Speaker.
  • Some claim this is the result of the less-than-stellar midterm results.
  • Biggs accused McCarthy of back peddling on key issues, including impeachment.

Source: Fox News