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After Alyssa Milano Trades in Her Tesla Because of “White Supremacy,” Elon Musk Puts the Hollywood Diva in Her Place

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Ever since Elon Musk acquired the social media giant Twitter, the controversial billionaire has garnered countless headlines.

The instant he arrived he began cleaning house, which kicked off a firestorm of criticism from left-leaning media sources. And unsurprisingly, far-left Hollywood went into meltdown mode.

And the anti-Musk reactions just keep coming — though Elon himself apparently isn’t fazed in the slightest.

A few days ago, left-wing actress Alyssa Milano tweeted that she was ditching her Tesla and buying a Volkswagen instead. She based her decision on the “hate and white supremacy” of Tesla:

Despite not providing any evidence as to how Tesla practices “hate and white supremacy,” she now has a Volkswagen.

But it didn’t take long for critics to point out that the Volkswagen company was founded by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, a point of fact that thousands of others quickly seized upon.

This included new Twitter CEO Musk, who offered his two cents with a pair of emojis:

Milano doubled down, saying Volkswagen only became a “global brand after WW2 when its new leader REJECTED Nazism.”

Then she claimed – again without evidence – that Musk wants to “ENABLE Nazism.” So far, most will say that Musk has only announced that Twitter rules will apply equally to all users.

But not a lot has changed on the social media platform.

For example, people will point out that liberal points of view aren’t suddenly being suppressed or banned; the only difference might be that the other point of view isn’t actively being silenced.

Musk has come under fire for how he’s handling his new company, which includes immediately firing most contract workers.

The vocal billionaire has said multiple times that the amount of bloat inside Twitter was monumental, and reports are that he’s already taken out 90 percent of the workforce that existed before he came on.

And right now, it looks like the war of words between frustrated high-profile leftists and Elon Musk is just beginning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Left-wing actress Alyssa Milano traded her Tesla for a Volkswagen because she said Tesla stands for “hate and white supremacy.”
  • After a user reminded her that Volkswagen was founded in Nazi Germany, Elon Musk responded with a laugh and “100%” emojis.
  • Milano and others have now accused Musk and his companies with little or no evidence.

Source: The Daily Caller