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After Woke Disney Misspells ‘Santa’ for Tim Allen – Americans Are Concerned They’re Going After the Conservative

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What’s Happening:

Disney is certainly not in most Americans’ good graces, these days. The once family-friendly company has burned many bridges, pushing woke content and attacking Republican-led states like Florida. It’s getting so bad, the company’s lost over $1 billion, fired its CEO, and is about to lay off many workers.

Perhaps that is why they brought back conservative star Tim Allen to appear in a new series. Allen is reprising his role in the Santa Clause movies, in a move Disney perhaps hoped would win back families. But the hopelessly woke company just can’t help themselves. And some think they took a cheap shot at the actor.

From The Western Journal:

That seems to have changed with “The Santa Clauses,” which ran with the old “Santa”/”Satan” bit:

Yes, “We Love You, Satan.” Wrong spelling. Tee hee.

The thing is, given Disney’s arrant wokeness these days, many Twitter users weren’t quite convinced this was a joke — including country singer John Rich, mixed-martial arts fighter Jake Shields and conservative strategist Chuck Callesto:

If Disney thinks it’s going to win back conservative viewers with weak attempts like this, they are really out of touch. Even if you aren’t offended by the “Satan” jab, the overall production of that scheme (and the cringy music) is well below what audiences expect from the largest studio in Hollywood.

But conservative fans weren’t impressed with the lazy joke of misplacing the letters “Santa” to spell “Satan.” Some seemed to think it was a not-so-subtle attack on the popular actor, who is known for bucking the liberal Hollywood narrative.

That might have been the intention of the screenwriter or director. We can’t say for sure. But it was a terrible decision, given the content and Disney’s recent crumbling reputation with Americans. Top executives have vowed to put more gay and transgender characters in their shows and movies.

They fought Florida over a law that protects parents’ rights. Millions of Americans vowed to cancel their subscriptions and season passes to Disney World. You’d think the company would be much more careful about what they put in their shows, considering all that.

But, nope. They went with the lazy and stupid “Satan” joke. Classy, you guys. Calling the last conservative willing to work with you “Satan”? That’ll win back the masses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Conservatives are upset about a joke in the new Disney “Santa Clause” series.
  • During a segment, they call Tim Allen’s character “Satan.”
  • Allen is an outspoken conservative and some viewed this as an attack on him.

Source: The Western Journal