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Supreme Court Gets Major Challenge from Joe Biden – He Seems to Claim Emergency Order Will Only End When They Stop Him

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What’s Happening:

What is wrong with Joe Biden? Seriously, that is something we should be asking right about now. The man has long shown signs of declining mental health. But worse than that, his decisions as president should have everyone concerned.

He’s long refused to submit to the checks and balances of Congress or the courts. When he doesn’t get his way, he appears to try to “get around” these limits through executive order. Recently, he seemed to accept demands from Congress to end the public health emergency over COVID. But not a day passed when he dropped a challenge to the Supreme Court.

It seems he won’t lift the emergency after all unless the court forces him to do so…?

From The Post Millennial:

Leaving the White House on Tuesday, President Biden was asked about his decision to end the national Covid-19 emergency on May 11.

“What’s behind your decision to end the Covid emergency?” one reporter asked.

“The Covid emergency will end when the Supreme Court ends it,” Biden responded. “We’ve extended to May the 11th to make sure we get everything done.”

What the heck does that mean? Biden said he will end the public health emergency over COVID in May. He even set a date. But now, he is saying the emergency won’t end until the Supreme Court steps in.

Which seems to suggest that, when May 11th comes around, Biden will just extend it again. Huh… sounds about right!

Biden has been extending this emergency many times, by now. He has used COVID to funnel billions to all sorts of liberal special interests. Trillions of tax dollars have gone to things completely unrelated to the pandemic.

Why would a man like Biden end that kind of gravy train!? He has made it very clear that his one goal as president is to drive us into bankruptcy. Heck, he’s not long for this world, he doesn’t care if our children are sold as debtors to China.

But this comment about the SCOTUS is deeply worrisome. Biden is essentially challenging the highest court in the land to stop him. He isn’t listening to Congress. He isn’t listening to the American people. He doesn’t even seem to be listening to medical experts.

He just loves using his power to do whatever he pleases. He might not even think the Supreme Court will end the emergency. But he might have stepped on a live grenade with that one. Don’t be surprised to hear that Republicans will sue him over this.

At this point, that might be the only way to end Biden’s tyranny.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden appeared to challenge the Supreme Court to end the COVID emergency.
  • He had previously claimed the emergency would end on May 11th.
  • His comments seem to suggest Biden will not end this emergency, unless the SCOTUS forces him to.

Source: The Post Millennial