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Whistleblower Just ‘Named Names’ on Biden Family – After Arrest, Professor Aims to Sink Joe’s Battleship

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What’s Happening:

Very few Americans believe Hunter Biden is innocent. Even Democrats agree that Joe Biden’s son has been up to no good. The questions we have, of course, are: will Hunter Biden be held accountable? And, did Joe Biden have a hand in his son’s crimes?

Various agencies have been investigating Hunter. And House Republicans just began probes into the situation. They might have to move fast to question one particular whistleblower. A man has just been arrested over arms trafficking charges. And he’s claiming it’s because he tried to take down Joe years ago.

From Ynet:

Prof. Gal Luft, 56, a former lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army and the executive director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security in Washington… is wanted by the U.S. for charges tied to the illegal export of arms to Libya and China…

Luft’s attorney Mordechai Tzivin claimed his client’s arrest was politically motivated and an attempt to silence him for providing incriminating information in a corruption case allegedly involving Biden’s son, Hunter.

Now, this is interesting. Police arrested Gal Luft, an Israeli and defense/energy expert, on charges of arms trafficking. But Luft claims this is Biden’s attempt to get back at him after he worked with the FBI back in 2019 to blow the whistle on the Biden family.

According to reports, Luft provided information to the DOJ to help with an investigation into Hunter Biden. His lawyer is now saying that his testimony could “bury Hunter Biden.” So, Joe Biden is trying to arrest and convict him, so he can’t do that.

Luft claims his testimony would be “devastating” and would turn attention to Joe as well as Hunter. But is that really the case?

We know Joe Biden’s administration is far from clean. And we know that Democrats will do anything to hold onto power. But would Biden be able to get away with arresting this man to cover his tracks? You’d think arresting him would only raise the alarm.

If Luft really has evidence against Biden, why hasn’t he said or done anything since 2019? Why didn’t he speak up in 2020, when Joe was running for president?

We can’t know for sure, but his lawyer is claiming Luft is in danger. Should he be extradited to the U.S., his lawyer isn’t sure if he’d be safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • A man arrested for arms dealing claims he is being targeted by Joe Biden.
  • Gal Luft claims he provided evidence against Hunter Biden to the DOJ in 2019.
  • Luft says his testimony could “bury” Bidens, including Joe.

Source: Ynet