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Supreme Court Turns the Tables on Democrats – All 9 Justices Shut Down Liberal Plot

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For a long time now, we’ve seen Democrats try to unravel our Supreme Court. Thanks to Trump’s conservative majority, the left can’t exploit the court to push their agenda. So, they have tried to pack the court to gain a majority. When that failed, they launched attacks against the court’s top conservative majorities.

Democrats in the Senate have tried to pull stunts to bully conservative justices. They’ve even floated false claims of corruption to force justices like Clarence Thomas off the court. All of this is a gross violation of the separation of powers. And the SCOTUS refuses to stand for it. Now, all nine justices are putting Democrats in their place.

From Daily Wire:

All nine Supreme Court Justices issued a statement late last week pushing back on attempts from Senate Democrats to implement new ethics oversight measures over the nation’s highest court which comes after the political Left has tried to generate controversy surrounding three conservative justices in recent weeks…

The letter also addressed recent threats against justices, which reached a fever pitch last year when a leftist reportedly attempted to assassinate up to 3 conservative justices.

Democrats fear what a conservative Supreme Court might do to their agenda. Already, the court has overturned Roe v. Wade, shut down state gun control laws, and protected many Americans’ religious and free speech rights.

In the coming years, this Supreme Court can undo many of the left’s radical, socialist plans. So, they have tried to stir up controversy against top conservative justices on the court. Democrats even suggested passing laws that would lead to a justice being railroaded on trumped-up charges.

So, the full court issued a statement shutting down the left’s scheme. Chief Justice Roberts refused to attend a hearing hosted by the Senate Judiciary Committee. And the court is rejecting attempts by Democrats to manipulate their work with new, bogus laws.

Why is it so bad if Congress tried to pass a law controlling the Supreme Court? The court is one of the three branches of the federal government. The SCOTUS was specifically created by our Founding Fathers to hold Congress and the White House in check.

If Congress can pass a law that would lead to a justice being removed, it would erode the court’s ability to hold Congress accountable. Any time the court made a ruling that Congress didn’t like, they’d just threaten to impeach a justice. See how insane that would be?

If the Democrat-run Senate was crazy enough to pass that kind of law, you better believe it wouldn’t last a day. The Supreme Court has the power to overturn laws. The idea that Democrats could even try this stunt is ridiculous.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court issued a rebuke to Senate Democrats over attempts to bully the court.
  • All nine justices rejected legislation proposed by Democrats to undermine the court.
  • This comes as Congress did nothing about threats against conservative justices.

Source: Daily Wire