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Jim Jordan Demands Investigation Into Nancy Pelosi – He Turns The Tables On Her, Wants To Know Her Role At Capitol

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With so much attention on Joe Biden and the Senate these days, not many people are looking at what old Nancy Pelosi is doing.

But one Republican firebrand hasn’t let the speaker off the hook.

We know all about how Pelosi is trying to rush a radical agenda through Congress before the 2022 elections.

Maybe she thinks being busy with that would distract Republicans from what she’s done in the past.

Not so, with Jim Jordan. Because as the House revs up their “January 6 committee,” he has his sights on Pelosi.

From Twitter:

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan thinks the January 6 committee should investigate Pelosi @mkraju reports

Democrats, despite their best efforts, were forced to let some Republicans chair their January 6 investigation.

Naturally, House Republicans picked some tough investigators to lead their charge. That includes Jim Jordan.

And Jordan wants the committee to investigate what Nancy Pelosi was up to on that fateful day.

Democrats, as they’ve done in the past, are pushing the narrative that blames Trump for what took place on Capitol Hill.

We’ve already heard from law enforcement that there is little evidence to connect Trump to what happened.

But what hasn’t been properly explored? What Nancy Pelosi did during that day.

Evidence has emerged that suggests the FBI knew about possible threats to the Capitol the day before. We’ve even learned that some of that information was forwarded to the speaker.

What did she do in response? Apparently nothing. The Speaker of the House is ultimately responsible for the security and defense of Congress.

Why didn’t Pelosi order more protection? Why didn’t she seem willing to ensure nothing bad happened when she knew something was possible?

Remember, she ordered the National Guard to invade D.C. for months afterward when there was no public credible threat.

Jordan wants to get to the bottom of this.

Should Nancy Pelosi be worried?

Key Takeaways:

  • Jim Jordan wants to investigate Nancy Pelosi via the January 6 committee.
  • Nancy Pelosi reportedly had information about possible threats before the day.
  • Jordan and several other Republicans will chair the Democrat-run committee.

Source: Twitter