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Bill Barr Issues Warning To Dems About ‘Political’ Impeachment, Rips James Comey A New One

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Bill Barr just issued a warning to House Democrats about their disgraceful behavior. One must wonder where we would be if Barr had not taken the AG job.

We would not have the truth about the biggest scandal in American history that is for sure. Barr has done an amazing job and more than returned Trump’s faith in him.

Barr went on Fox News and warned Pelosi:

“As a general matter, I think we have to be careful about trivializing the process and they put in a hurdle of high crimes — of treason, bribery and other high crimes,” Barr said.

“The articles of impeachment here do not allege a violation of law, and it looks as if it’s going to be along partisan lines — I think — you know, I’m concerned about it being trivialized and used as a political tool.”

Then he took on James Comey. From Fox News:

“There are so many errors, we couldn’t reach a conclusion or make a determination on what motivated those failures other than we did not credit what we lay out here were the explanations we got,” Horowitz told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee during a Wednesday hearing.

This is similar to what Barr said during an NBC News interview after the report’s release.

“These irregularities, these misstatements, these omissions were not satisfactorily explained, and I think that leaves open the possibility to infer bad faith,” he said.

Yet Comey called this “an irresponsible statement,” telling Fox News’ Chris Wallace that Barr “does not have a factual basis as the Attorney General of the United States to be speculating that agents acted in bad faith.”

Barr said he does not view the situation the same way as the former FBI director.

“One of the things that I object to is the tack being taken by Comey, which is to suggest that people who are criticizing or trying to get to the bottom of the misconduct are somehow attacking the FBI.

I think that is nonsense,” Barr said.

“We’re criticizing and concerned about misconduct by a few actors at the top of the FBI, and they should be criticized if they engaged in serious misconduct.”