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2020 Wave Has Already Begun – Major Voting Block Is Turning On Democrats, Rallying For Trump

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Democrats said it would never happen – look what Donald did!

Democrats and their media think they know how to beat Trump in 2020.

They hit him with impeachment, thinking that will cost him plenty of votes. Or at least, swing-state voters will stay far away from an “impeached” president.

But it was a risky gamble, one that doesn’t seem to be paying off.

Plus, they weren’t expecting this amazing turn of events.

Their most reliable voting base has been stolen right from under their noses.

From The Federalist Papers:

Last month in Atlanta the president launched his “Black Voices For Trump” coalition to court black voters…

The phenomenon of prominent black voters coming to President Trump has been happening since the president announced his bid for The White House in 2016…

“Three polls in November showed Mr. Trump’s job-approval rating among black voters in the 30% to 35% range, a significant increase over other surveys that have generally shown black voter support of less than 10%,” The Washington Times said.

President Trump has done what Republicans presidents have failed to do in the past: win over black voters.

From the start of his 2016 candidacy, Trump has appealed to black Americans. “What the hell do you have to lose,” he famously said.

After all, black voters have been supporting Democrats for years. What has it brought them?

Black Americans have suffered from income inequality, a lack of good education, and decades of stagnation. Cities with large black populations, run by Democrats, face crime, drug addiction, and poverty.

But under Donald Trump, black unemployment has been the lowest in decades. On top of that, he appointed Ben Carson to HUD. Carson has won massive investments for the inner city.

Which has resulted in new opportunity and prosperity to millions of black Americans.

Black Americans see in Trump an ally. He is fighting for all Americans, regardless of color.

Plus, he doesn’t play that pandering game so many Democrats love to do. He doesn’t “virtue signal” or talk down to black people.

He’s a straighter shooter Americans of all races can respect.

It’s no secret that recent polls show black support for Trump at record highs. He is defying the odds and winning over enough black voters that no Democrat can stand a chance.

Most say that if 25% of the black vote goes Republican, the Democrats will never win another election.

Well, Trump is enjoying 35% approval among black Americans. What does that tell you?

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Source: The Federalist Papers