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President Trump Blames Obama In His Speech – Reminds America That Barack Paid For Missiles Iran Fired At Us

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Last night Iran tried to strike back after they lost their top general.

They fired dozens of missiles at Iraqi military bases housing American troops.

The effort failed spectacularly. Iran didn’t hurt a single American soldier.

President Trump spoke to the nation this morning and shared the good news. He made it clear America is ready to respond to any threats against our nation, but he de-escalated the situation.

Trump also took the time to remind everyone how Iran was able to afford those missiles.

Obama gave them the cash.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump claimed the Obama administration “paid for” the ballistic missiles that Iran used to strike an Iraqi-U.S. coalition military base in western Iraq on Wednesday morning.

“The missiles fired last night at us and our allies were paid for with the funds made available by the last administration,” Trump said in the grand foyer of the White House.

President Barack Obama sent $1.7 billion in cash to Iran to pay for a decades-old arbitration claim that stood between the two nations.

Ouch! Talk about an inconvenient truth! President Trump hammered the Obama administration for sending Iran nearly $2 billion in cash to pay off an out-of-date, bogus agreement.

Iran used that money to make the missiles fired at our men. President Trump was all to happy to remind the Democrats of this fact.

The silver lining in all this was that our troops were ready. Our military was ready for it. Nobody was hurt.

But imagine if we suffered a loss of life last night? It would not only have been Iran’s fault, but Obama’s.

There was no reason for him to send $2 billion (of our money) to a regime that loves to chant, “Death to America.”

Iran’s leaders are not our friends. They have threatened us and our allies for years. They’ve promised to wipe us and Israel off the map.

Yet Obama gave them so much money (in cash), because of some flimsy reason.

We know for a fact that money was used to train Iranian “troops” and acquire weapons.

You have to wonder, why would an American president do that?

Worst still, you have to wonder about a political party that continues to embrace the same policies.

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Source: Washington Examiner