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Dems Cave, Pull Virginia Gun Confiscation Bill After Huge Crowd Shows Up To Protest

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The Democrats swept into power in Virginia over the last two elections and immediately overstepped their mandate.

They took a very risky gamble on passing gun legislation and as usual went too far and Americans across the country were outraged.

It starts in one state and it can quickly move to others if we are not vigilant about keeping our rights.

Thankfully gun owners showed up in force and put the Dems on notice and the terrified Dems caved and pulled the most egregious bill that could have led to gun confiscations.

From The Western Journal: As lawmakers met Monday to consider a slew of gun control bills, they were greeted by “thousands” of Second Amendment supporters determined to voice their opposition, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Even in the face of that kind of popular discontent, four measures moved forward in the state Senate Judiciary Committee, thanks to a Democratic majority, though some were in slightly weakened form, the Free Beacon reported.

But at one bill, known as SB 16, a controversial measure that would have “effectively” allowed authorities to confiscate weapons that violate it was withdrawn entirely, the Free Beacon reported.

From The Free Beacon:

“We are beyond impressed by today’s turnout,” D.J. Spiker, Virginia state director for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, told the Washington Free Beacon. “You can see the passion and enthusiasm that the citizens of Virginia have in joining us in this fight.”

The presence of gun-rights supporters at the state Senate judiciary committee hearing appeared to have an impact, as Democrats formally withdrew S.B. 16—a hotly-contested bill that would have effectively confiscated AR-15s and similar firearms—and moderated several other proposals. The NRA, however, said the changes were not enough and promised to continue to oppose the bills as they continue to move forward in the coming weeks.

“While there were some improvements to some of these bills, overall, it’s still bad legislation,” Spiker said. “Putting in more regulations and making it more onerous on the law-abiding citizens of Virginia is not something we stand for.”

Gun-rights proponents who spoke with the Free Beacon after the committee meeting adjourned said they believed the Democrats’ gun-control bills represent an attack on the Second Amendment. Christina Baker, a traveling emergency nurse who came to the hearing before a 13-hour shift, said she understood that there are good intentions at work but fears an “assault weapons” ban or poorly constructed law could make her a criminal.

“I’m a single female that travels the country by myself in completely new areas,” she told the Free Beacon. “I never know where I’m going to end up, and to protect myself with whatever firearm I choose is so important to me. With the bills that are written and how they’re written, 90 percent of my firearms, including my carry firearms, would be made illegal, and I would be made a felon overnight.”