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After Romney Pledges To Vote For Witnesses – His Own State Of Utah Promotes Bill To Recall Their Senator

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What are we going to do with Mitt Romney?

You probably remember his performance in the 2012 Election. Despite having everything going for him, he could not defeat Barack Obama.

Maybe Mitt is steamed that Donald Trump did what he could not: take the White House back for Republicans.

Romney refused to back Trump in 2016—leading many to call him a NeverTrumper.

But he changed his tune when he ran for a Utah Senate seat. Trump endorsed the man, ensuring his victory.

Soon after, Romney flip-flopped again. He even wanted more witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. Oh, really, Romney?

Now, it looks like the people are Utah are hopping mad.

From NOQ Report:

Mitt Romney is expected to vote for witnesses in the impeachment trial today. He does so against the will of the party and a majority of people in Utah, which he was sent to Washington DC to represent…

A new bill being promoted by Utah Representative Steve Quinn, H.B. 217, would establish a mechanism through which voters in the state could recall a sitting United States Senator. He says the bill is not about Romney, but the timing of the Republican’s bill couldn’t be more conspicuous.

Yikes. Just as Romney appears wishy-washy over the impeachment trial, the people of Utah are mulling a new law.

This law will give the voters a chance to recall a senator, if they believe he is doing a terrible job.

Utah is a proud, conservative state. It seems they are not behind the impeachment push, or attempts to remove Trump from office.

Yet Romney appears to be siding with the Democrats—when he voiced his support for new witnesses.

Voting for witnesses during the Senate trial could drag this thing out for weeks, even months.

It would give the Democrats more ammunition against the president.

Why would a Republicans senator agree to that? Is he really so outraged that Trump is president, that he would side with Democrats over his own party?

If I were Romney, I’d rethink my choices very carefully.

This bill could become law, giving Utah residents a catch and yanking him out of the Senate.

Is that really worth supporting Democrats, Mitt?

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Source: NOQ Report