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Adam Schiff Should Be Sweating In 2020 – Republican Matt Gaetz Just Called For His Removal As Chairman

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Adam Schiff should be sweating in his shoes right about now.

Republicans in the House told him not to ram through his impeachment push. They warned him that backing a partisan impeachment–by rejecting every objection by the right–would blow up in this face.

But not only did he ignore them, but he also ran a secretive inquiry, where he kept many details from the public.

His public hearings were for show. And he backed articles of impeachment related to non-crimes.

Only now are facts coming out that reveal just what he was up to.

And one Republican congressman is demanding Schiff pay the price.

From YouTube:

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Matt Gaetz (a Republican from Florida) had a thing or two to say on this matter:

Back in 2018, Rep. Devin Nunes warned America about how the FBI conducted its Russian collusion investigation.

Schiff was the first to accuse Nunes of lying. Of course, the media believed him over the Republican.

Now that the IG report is out, we know the facts. Schiff was deliberately trying to hide the truth from the public.

In the same way, he is still hiding evidence and testimony over the impeachment hearings.

When he closed his inquiry, Schiff still accused Trump of being a Russian puppet. Even though Mueller cleared his name a long time ago.

Schiff swore that Obama’s FBI did nothing wrong when they spied on Trump’s campaign. The IG report also proves that to be a lie.

The FBI altered documents to trick the FISA court into giving them permission to spy. That’s pretty serious, right?

Schiff’s been wrong again and again. An astute person would simply conclude he’s a liar who is trying to abuse his power to take down the president.

Matt Gaetz sees it. And he’s pushing legislation to remove Schiff from his powerful seat on the Intelligence Committee.

But I’d say we go further than that. Schiff must be voted out of office and fully investigated for what he’s done.

He needs to learn that he can’t abuse his power, just over politics.

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Source: YouTube