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Frederica Wilson And 4 Other Dem To Boycott Trump’s SOTU As Pelosi Takes Cheap Shot At POTUS

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Nancy Pelosi is in for a rough night and she knows it. She told The New York Times yesterday the Democrats would treat Trump “as a guest in our house” before adding the cheap shot she just couldn’t resist:

“And we hope he will behave as a guest in our house, but we never have that expectation.”

Pelosi and her arrogance are misplaced again after news just broke that 5 Dem Reps would boycott Trump’s State of the Union.

With “all hat no cattle” Frederica Wilson leading the boycott it is no big loss but it just shows you who is being rude.

From The Hill:

Five House Democrats are boycotting President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night on the eve of the expected Senate vote to acquit him in his impeachment trial.

All five Democrats — Reps. Al Green (Texas), Steve Cohen (Tenn.), Earl Blumenauer (Ore.), Hank Johnson (Ga.) and Frederica Wilson (Fla.) — have also opted against attending Trump’s past annual addresses to Congress in recent years as an expression of protest against his presidency.

 Green, one of the first and most ardent backers of impeaching Trump, said Tuesday that he will not be going this year either.

“Because of an impeached, reckless, ruthless, lawless, shameless, corrupt, & unapologetically bigoted president – who is still engaging in a coverup, the state of the House, the state of the Senate, and the #StateOfTheUnion are divided,” Green tweeted. “I will NOT attend #SOTU2020.”

At least six House Democrats boycotted Trump’s State of the Union address last year. In addition to the five who are not going on Tuesday, Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis did not attend last year either. He has not said whether he will attend this year’s address.

“During normal times, I would consider it my duty to attend and hear the President’s agenda for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, these are not normal times,” Johnson tweeted on Monday.

That came after 14 Democrats skipped the address in 2018, which came shortly after Trump caused a firestorm for describing African nations as “s—hole countries.” Many Democrats also wanted to make a point amid their frustrations after Trump’s first full year in office.