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Liz Warren Crosses Line With Attack On Mike Pence, Compares Him To Dog To Try To Save Doomed Campaign

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Liz Warren is trying to save her doomed campaign but it is a lost cause and she knows it. She has pulled back ad buys in Nevada and other states as she looks to sink to a low finish in New Hampshire.

Her rapid decline may have been due to her pandering – she was for free trans surgery for felons and believe me that is a political loser.

Even if felons could vote from jail, which they can’t, how many people in the system want to have sex changes?

It can’t be more than a hundred. So she went after less than one hundred people who can’t vote anyway and turned off 99% of those who could? She should fire her advisers.

But on she goes and in a desperate ploy to save her faltering campaign she crossed the line with an attack on Mike Pence comparing him to a dog. More phony pandering that will be rejected by the voters.

“Do you whisper into Bailey’s ear: ‘Who is going to be my Mike Pence? Who is gonna look at me with adoring eyes?’” someone from the crowd asked Liz about her VP pick.

“I already have a dog,” Liz warren shot back and the crowd ate it up.

She went on to say, “It’s the kind of people that you want in public service. As vice president also as the heads of all the agencies and cabinet nominees.

What kind of people do I want? I want people who are there because they believe in public service but I want people who believe in this fight.

I want people who are willing to pick up the tools, that are already there and to use them on behalf of the public.

It’s so easy to get discouraged and to say Mitch McConnell just ruins everything — there’s a lot of truth in that, too — but it isn’t everything.

There is a lot we can still do. … What kind of vice president do I want? I want someone who’s going to be in the fight with me. I want a partner.

I want someone who is going to say ‘I’ll pick up part of this and I’ll get out and help make this happen.’ That’s what I want at the head of the cabinets.”