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Melania Trump Takes Veiled Shot At Hillary Clinton After Hillary Mocked FLOTUS in Classless Display

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Hillary Clinton continues to disgrace with her scandalous behavior. She is out promoting a book and is trashing Melania Trump in the process.

Just a classless move. Hillary blamed the GOP for dividing the country, “I worked with them all,” she said. “That’s what is sad about what is going on right now. There seems to be a refusal for bipartisan cooperation right now.”

“We are so divided right now and we’re so hostile toward people that we think don’t agree with us, or are somehow different from us, that somebody has to start trying and bridge that gulf.”

Asked what she really thinks of Melania Trump’s “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign, Clinton spat out, “I think she should look closer to home.”

Enter Melania Trump and Bill Barr who appeared together at an event at the Department of Justice. They never mention Hillary by name but they choose their words carefully.

“Since its launch, I have used my initiative to shine a light on programs that show what it means to Be Best,” Melania said.

“This can be showing a simple act of kindness, providing care where there is need, or teaching something valuable, my initiative is meant to promote the positive actions happening in our communities to they can be replicated throughout the country and across the world,” she said taking a veiled shot at Hillary by announcing she is taking her initiative global rather than “closer to home.”

“The success across the administration is also due to all of you who are here today,” Melania added.

“If we continue to work together, I know we can create a safer, healthier, and more hopeful world for our children,” she said.

Bill Barr praised Melania Trump’s tireless work fighting the scourge of America – the opioid addiction crisis.

“Our First Lady dedicates much of her time to working to protect America’s children from drug addiction,” Barr said.

“The first lady has emphasized that ending the opioid epidemic will require the entire country to come together. She is absolutely right about that.”

“She is doing her part to achieve that, and we are grateful that she is here with us today.”