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Three Days After Barr Bans Hoarding – California Union ‘Finds’ Stash Of 39 Million Masks

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As we reported earlier this week. Attorney General Bill Barr warned anyone that tried to hoard medical supplies.

He promised that anyone sitting on a warehouse of life-saving supplies or equipment will face the wrath of the DOJ.

He and the administration were not about to let crooks exploit the situation. All needed supplies must be provided in the relief effort.

And just three days after giving the order, a liberal CA union “found” quite the stash.

From NBC Bay Area:

Service Employees International Union United Healthcare Workers West announced Thursday that it located 39 million N95 masks and will make them available to state and local governments and health care systems…

How interesting. A union from California discovered a distributor with over 39 million N95 respirator masks.

But… I thought we were facing a shortage? The government has been scrambling to get companies to mass-produced these masks.

Yet here we find a warehouse with millions, just sitting around? When were they going to let everyone know about this treasure trove?

But before you pat this union on the back, keep in mind they aren’t giving them away. They will be selling them to states.

I guess that’s only fair. But the AG’s warning is for anyone that tries to price gouge. According to one report, they are selling these masks at $5.00 a mask (normally they cost around $1.00).

Perhaps the federal government should look into this whole situation.

At a time like this, we are seeing Americans step up like never before. People are devoting their time and energy (and dollars) to help any way they can.

But for this union to sudden “find” these masks and sell them at a high price? Something smells fishy.

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Source: NBC Bay Area