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Maxine Calls Trump “Incompetent Idiot,” Ignores Obama’s Key Failure That Led To Ventilator Shortage

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Maxine Waters threw an epic temper tantrum and ripped into President Trump and his administration’s response to the outbreak.

Maxine got nasty but in her blind hate she gave up the game. Not every move the Trump admin has made has been perfect – the fog of war does that – but the admin has moved quickly to get this outbreak under control.

The supply chain is the problem and that is not Trump’s fault, in fact, he ran on bringing the supply chain back home where it belongs.

For example, all these tests depend on reagents and those reagents are in short supply and we don’t make a lot of that stuff anymore –that is not Trump’s fault.

The ventilators we had were thought to be enough for an epidemic but not one of this size – there have been attempts by Bush and Obama to make low-cost ventilators as the Trump admin is doing with Ford but the political will was not strong enough to fight those who lobbied for the manufactures of the expensive ventilators.

A contract was signed to make low-cost ventilators but then a competitor, who happened to make expensive ventilators, came in and bought the low-cost maker in a merger Obama should never have approved.

Then they delayed the contract for a year or two before scuttling it all together. Obama should have seen this coming and blocked the merger or moved quickly to another solution when the swamp scuttled the plans.

In 2014 Obama gave the contract to someone else and according to the New York Times:

“The federal government started over with another company in 2014, whose ventilator was approved only last year and whose products have not yet been delivered.”

The swamp stopped a deal to make cheap ventilators to put in the stockpile and that is not Trump’s fault either. He ran against this swampy behavior tolerated by both sides of the aisle for too long.

In short, Maxine knows nothing. She ranted:

“Trump, you incompetent idiot! You sent 18 tons of PPE to China early but ignored warnings & called COVID19 concerns a hoax. You’ve endangered doctors, nurses, aids, orderlies, & janitors – all risking their lives to save ours. Pray 4 forgiveness for the harm that you’re causing!

Trump, so now you’re expanding the social distancing order? Another correction b/c of your ignorant hunches. You said we’d be safe by Easter! Experts always have to clean up after your “hunches.” Keep your hunches 2 yourself & don’t waste experts’ time correcting your stupidity!

Trump, Gov Whitmer, the governor you called “that woman”, is what you think of ALL women, period! We women are all “that woman”! We are mothers & working professionals; we’re doctors & lawyers; & we’re elected officials, even governors, & you will show us the respect we deserve!

Trump, stop congratulating yourself! You’re a failure & you’ve mishandled this #COVID19 disaster! You’re not knowledgeable & you don’t know more than experts & generals. Your ignorance & incompetence are appalling & you continue to demonstrate that every time you open your mouth!

Trump, weren’t you taught at an early age that self congratulations are improper? When you’re doing a good job, you will be commended. When you have to congratulate yourself it’s b/c of incompetence & insecurity. No one values hubris. A lesson you should’ve learned long ago.”