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Senator And 7 Others Arrested – The FBI Just Caught Them In High-Profile Investigation

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It’s no secret that the swamp runs deep. Not just in Washington, D.C., but in all fifty states and our territories.

Wherever there is power, there are greedy crooks looking to exploit it.

From coast to coast, elected officials betray the trust of the public. They abuse their power to get rich or to hand out favors.

Yet our justice system seems surprisingly unwilling to do anything about it. Crimes are broken, but nobody is held accountable.

Until now.

It looks like Trump’s FBI just took down a big fish.

From Fox News:

A Puerto Rico senator awaiting trial on fraud charges was taken into custody Wednesday morning by federal authorities in connection with an investigation into alleged corruption that also resulted in the arrests of seven others, officials said…

Nazario was previously arrested by federal authorities in September 2018… He was accused of defrauding his employees while serving as the mayor of Yauco, a southwestern town in Puerto Rico, where he was an elected official from 2000 until December 2016.

A Puerto Rico senator—already awaiting trial—was arrested on numerous new charges.

He and seven others have been brought in for wrongdoing.

Dang, this guy has been implicated in all sorts of stuff—for years. Yet people keep electing him???

You have to wonder what these Puerto Ricans are thinking.

As bad as this story seems, this kind of thing goes on all over the country. When you look at major cities in ruin, under mountains of trash, racked by poverty—what do you think is happening?

Men and women elected to lead do nothing. Their betrayal of Americans’ trust leads to these situations.

The only solution is for our justice system to actually hold them accountable. And for Americans to demand justice.

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Source: Fox News