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Tucker Carlson Warns USA Michelle Obama’s New Plan ‘Could Destroy American Democracy’

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Tucker Carlson is the most trusted man on television for one simple reason – he tells the truth.

Most don’t – they play partisan games with the facts – shading them just enough to fit their narrative – and are happy to take orders in the propaganda war they seem to be waging on this country.

Both sides do it – this is not just a left issue although they do it in more volume as they have more media behind them.

Tucker just tells the truth and if he is saying Michelle Obama’s new vote by mail initiative could harm American democracy it is time to start paying attention to the subject.

From The Gateway Pundit:

“Former First Lady Michelle Obama is using this crisis to promote the radical expansion of nationwide voting by mail,” Carlson began.

“Citizens could request ballots online and then print them at home.”

“Now, no serious person at the national level has ever suggested doing that before because of course it would instantly destroy the public’s faith in election outcomes and hence, our democracy.”

“But if there was ever a time to sneak something this disruptive past a beleaguered and distracted population, this is it. The justification for all of this? Take a guess — yes, racism.”

The former First Lady co-chairs an organization called When We All Vote, which claims to be non-partisan, that released a statement on Monday arguing in favor of mail-in voting.

The statement claimed that “barriers to voting” have long existed for “young people and communities of color.”

“Americans should never have to choose between making their voices heard and keeping themselves and their families safe.”

“We know that barriers to voting existed before this crisis, especially for young people and communities of color.

Expanding access to vote-by-mail, online voter registration and early voting are critical steps for this moment— and they’re long overdue.?