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Hollywood Wants A Bigger Bailout – Actor Unions Just Asked For A 600-1200% Increase In QPA Tax Deduction Cap

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Out of all the people suffering during the outbreak, who do you think is hurting the most? You probably wouldn’t say liberal, Hollywood elites, would you?

As millions of working- and middle-class Americans struggle to get food, the rich of La La Land are doing just fine.

So, you might be shocked to learn that this same industry is demanding relief from the federal government.

From Breitbart:

In a letter to Congressional leaders this week, the major Hollywood unions including SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, and the Writers Guild of America are asking lawmakers to support a bi-partisan House bill that would update an existing tax deduction in order to allow entertainment industry workers to keep more of their money…

Hollywood unions are seeking to raise the cap to $100,000 a year for single taxpayers and $200,000 for couples filing jointly.

Wow. The same actors and celebrities that have lectured you for years, told you you were wrong for voting for Trump, now want a bailout in the form of a massive tax deduction.

The current deductions allow Hollywood workers to deduct up to $16,000 a year from their taxes. What do they want? To raise that to a staggering $100,000 for singles and $200,000 for couples.

Umm… what? Do you know how much a person has to make for them to want to deduct $100,000 from their taxes? We’re talking a lot of cash, folks.

Hey, I’m the first to want to see taxes lowered, but let’s do some math.

A deduction represents expenses a person incurred over the year. Money they had to spend for their job.

If Hollywood workers want $100,000 taken off their taxes, that suggests they spent that much on travel and other business.

After all, they have to pay a pretty penny to their managers, agents, and employees.

But if the deduction of $100,000 represents just 30% of their income, that means they made around $333,000 in a year (and that’s at the low end, mind you).

Wow, must be nice. They are making far and way more than the average family.

Do you think someone making that much money should receive a bailout from the government?

These are the same people who want you to pay more in taxes by voting for spend-happy Democrats like Joe Biden (who said he would raise taxes).

People who don’t bat an eye as the government makes it harder for working class people to get ahead.

Yet now, they are claiming this virus requires a massive tax break for their industry. Even though this legislation has been floating around for over a year.

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Do you think actors should get this tax-break bailout?

Source: Breitbart