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Maxine Waters Slapped By New Challenger – A Black GOP Navy Veteran Has Raised Over $3M To Beat Her

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Maxine Waters, representing the Los Angeles district in Congress, has been part of the D.C. swamp for almost 30 years.

The outspoken Democrat has been a frequent critic of Trump, calling for his impeachment long before it was cool.

But she might not be as safe in her liberal district as she thinks. Because a new challenger is trying to take her seat.

He’s a black Navy veteran who is calling out Waters’ track record. And he just raised some serious cash:

U.S. Navy veteran and congressional candidate Joe Collins said on Wednesday that he wants to unseat Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., because he believes she has failed to help the residents in her district…

Running as a Republican for California’s 43rd district, which includes parts of Los Angeles. He is trying to unseat Waters and his campaign has raised $3.1 million.

Many long-standing congresspeople have to face tough, young challengers this November.

Established Democrats, who staked their reputation on impeaching Trump, now face numerous challengers. Some from the left, others from the right.

Joe Collins is a Navy vet who criticizes Waters’s long history in Congress. He accuses her of “losing trust” with the voters of California.

He said there are many black-owned businesses in Los Angeles that struggle to survive. They receive no support from the state, city, or federal government.

Collins says that is because of Waters.

Saying people want to see her “gone,” Collins has raised $3 million to take her on.

The Republican grew up in South Central Los Angeles but says the region has gotten “considerably worse,” over the last 13 years.

He points to the loss of quality jobs, the explosion of homelessness, and poor education as the reasons.

Collins says that Waters is the person with “the most influence,” yet she refuses to do anything to help her supporters.

He represents many young, new candidates fighting to take seats in the House. Many new Republicans entered the race this year, gunning for established Democrats.

Should Collins gain momentum in the coming months, Waters should start packing her bags.

Key Takeaways:

  • Long-standing Democrat Maxine Waters faces a young new challenger in November.
  • Republican Joe Collins is a Navy vet who raised $3 million for his campaign.
  • Collins says Waters has neglected her district, which suffers from poverty and homelessness.

Source: Fox News