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After Pelosi Calls GOP Enemies Of The State – Jim Jordan Silences The Speaker: “They Want To Keep Counting”

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Nancy Pelosi is fighting a losing battle to get mail-in voting through by Election Day.

Instead of negotiating and working with Republicans (who she needs to pass her USPS funding), she actually called them the “enemies of the state.”

(Talk about the pot and the kettle!)

Jim Jordan and other Republican congressmen fired back, perhaps urging the Speaker to stay silent for a while:

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., on Tuesday blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for calling Republicans “domestic enemies of the state.”

“They want that chaos, they want the confusion because they know the president of the United States is going to win on Election Day, but, they want to keep counting just like they did in New Jersey four weeks after their primary election,” Jordan told “Fox & Friends.”

Jim Jordan criticized Nancy Pelosi for her attack that may have crossed the line, when she called the GOP “enemies of the state.”

Jordan accused of Pelosi wanting to push mail-in voting, because she wants to drag out the election for weeks.

He said she and her colleagues “want the chaos” that kind of situation would bring. If the election results are delayed over mail-in ballots, it gives some people a chance to ballot harvest or commit voter fraud.

Even if Trump is declared the winner, Democrats can go on to say that many ballots “weren’t counted.”

That’s hardly an excuse, given the strict deadlines for both in-person voting and mail-in voting. But Jordan says that is the real reason Pelosi and her party are pushing for a system as flimsy as mail-in voting.

Rep. Scalise, who had been nearly killed by a radical, left-wing gunman, slammed Pelosi’s comments, calling them “hypercharged language.”

He said it was that kind of talk that led a gunman to attack him and his colleagues at baseball practice.

Scalise could have died. Yet Pelosi continues to use radical language that could very well incite more violence.

Democrats and the media endlessly accuse Trump of “inciting violence,” though they rarely point to anything he’s said or done to prove it.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House called Republicans and the president, “enemies” of our country.

What do you think a dangerous person might be compelled to do over comments like that?

Pelosi only seems to care about winning by any means necessary. She doesn’t care about the damage her reckless words cause.

I guess that explains why diehard leftists are destroying blue cities, right now. They keep listening to people like her.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pelosi called Republicans “enemies of the state.”
  • Jim Jordan slammed her, saying she just wants chaos in our upcoming election.
  • Scalise condemned the Speaker for using such hypercharged language.

Source: Fox News