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Senate Democrats Slip Handout Into Relief Bill – 17 Democrats Write Letter To Demand Free Video Calls For Prisoners

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Democrats in Congress continue to hold up important relief funding.

They want no less than $3.4 trillion, for all their pet projects and agenda.

They have held up unemployment funding, stimulus checks, and any kind of aid Americans need right now.

One thing they want more than Americans putting food on the table? Free video calls for criminals.

No, I kid you not:

We write to urge you to include provisions in the next economic relief package to provide access to free phone and video calls for incarcerated people during and after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Democrats in Congress refuse to agree to a new relief bill unless their demands are met.

Like previous packages the left has proposed, this one includes massive spending for things totally unrelated to the pandemic.

In fact, seventeen Democrats penned a letter listing their demands. Top on the list was federal funding so that prisoners can make video calls.

It’s hard for Americans to swallow this kind of audacity. Hard-working Americans have been forced out of their jobs.

Many kids can’t go back to school. Some still aren’t back to work. Thousands of small businesses might never recover. Some estimate that 85% of all restaurants won’t rebound.

The fallout of the lockdowns has been disastrous. The mental and physical health of Americans is on the decline.

But what are these Democrats worried about? If hardened criminals serving time can get free Skype calls.

You can’t even parody this kind of lunacy.

Lawmakers are notorious for stuffing bills with pork, but seriously? Americans are suffering and Democrats want to give criminals in jail perks.

What’s next? Free Netflix? How about free back massages once a month? Or maybe candygrams?

Why not? It is becoming increasingly clear that Democrats will pull out all the stops—for anyone or anything but law-abiding citizens.

After all, these are the same Democrats who bailed out looters and called all the riots “mostly peaceful protests.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats in Congress hold up the next relief bill, making demands for their own agenda.
  • Seventeen Democrats wrote a letter, demanding free video calls for prisoners.
  • Americans have suffered thanks to the COVID-fueled lockdowns.

Source: Amy Klobuchar