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Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Meghan McCain’s Attempts To Trash Trump On The View Today

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on The View today and was ambushed by all the hosts who tried in vain to get Sarah to trash Trump and confirm the bombshell troop’s story from The Atlantic.

Meghan McCain, of course, led the charge with her phony outrage, “The problem as I said before is the president has a pattern of saying incendiary things about people like my father, about people like the Khan family, about people like Col. Vindman.”

“I think if this charge had been leveled anonymously against any other politician, I think people would second-guess it. But because it’s about someone who has this kind of record of insulting veterans, people tend to believe it, which is why I think it has legs. So I just want your perspective on it and I want to know if you understand my and other people’s perspective on it,” she said.

Sarah shot back, “After spending nearly every single day for two-and-a-half years with the president I can tell you I witnessed firsthand the president’s respect and admiration for the men and women of our armed forces.”

From The Daily Beast:

“The problem is, Sarah, you were serving in the White House when President Trump decided to not have the flags raised when my father passed, which had very great outrage,” McCain said. “You also probably know that I have spoken with President Trump on the phone in the past about issues like this.

I think he’s aware that there has been serious damage done by the criticism not only by my family, because it’s not just about my family, but like I said, about the Khans and Col. Vindman.”

“The problem with the story is it seems like something he would do,” she continued. “And I don’t doubt that you’ve had experiences and I’ve seen videos with President Trump and troops and his family. But this has not been my experience. For me and my brothers who serve, we do not feel respected. We’re a military family that doesn’t feel respected by this president.”

“I understand you have to do a job because you are his surrogate and you are his supporter,” McCain concluded. “But at least concede that it has to be very uncomfortable to have this kind of conversation with me right now.”

“Certainly, I don’t doubt that at all,” Huckabee Sanders said before chalking up Trump’s comments about McCain to a simple political rivalry and nothing more.

“There’s no denying the fact that not only did Donald Trump dislike your father, your father disliked the president,” she said. “They had some very heated exchanges.”

“I’m not saying that there weren’t some moments that were heated, that were not of the highest level of respect, but when it comes to who this president is at his heart and how he feels about the men and women of our armed services, I can say for my own experience he has a great level of respect,” Huckabee Sanders repeated.

But it was Whoopi Goldberg who got the last word on the subject.

“And I can say from my experience having watched him over and over and over, I totally disagree with you,” she replied.