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Speaker Pelosi Slips Up On Live TV – Nancy Goes From Serious To Crying To Serious Again In Seconds

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Nancy Pelosi has had a lot of bad moments lately, but this one might be the worst.

She is used to blaming everything on Trump.

Now she is calling him a science-denier, so she can blame him for fires, hurricanes, pandemics—pretty much anything.

But watch how she turns on the waterworks—for just five seconds—and turns them off again:

When it’s convenient for her, Pelosi can get super emotional.

Watch how she suddenly got so choked up lamenting the “200,000” people who will die of COVID.

Then, just as quickly, she recovers to bang the “denying science” drum.

It looks like Pelosi’s got nothing left but empty displays of emotion.

Remember, when Trump was battling the coronavirus back in January and February, Pelosi was urging people to travel and visit her city.

When Trump closed the border to China and ordered government agencies to investigate COVID, Pelosi was ignoring as she pushed for the impeachment trial.

Sorry, Nancy, but all the tears in the world won’t convince us that you really care about those COVID deaths.

(If she really cared, why hasn’t she stalled more relief payments to Americans?)

That wasn’t even the end of the emotional rollercoaster for Pelosi that day.

Watch this hilarious exchange between Jim Cramer and the Speaker. Cramer really got her, this time:

Woah. You can see Nancy doing everything in her power from exploding after Cramer called her “Crazy Nancy.”

He claimed to be just quoting the president, but it’s clear she wasn’t buying it.

Cramer also said he respects the “office” of the Speaker, but stopped short of saying he respected her.

Considering what this woman has done since becoming Speaker, it’s hard to believe anyone would respect her anymore.

She tore up the SOTU, impeached the president over a phone call, delayed COVID relief, and is now blaming Trump for everything.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi made a show of emotion while criticizing President Trump.
  • She became “choked up” when contemplating COVID victims, then quickly pivoted back to attacking.
  • She later nearly lost it when Jim Cramer called her “Crazy Nancy.”

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