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Adam Schiff Must Be Getting Desperate – He Just Begged Republicans Of “Good Conscience” To Resign

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We’ve had a break from Adam Schiff, but I guess nine months is long enough for old Pencil Neck.

The Democrat is in the news again, this time for just as shocking allegations as he had back during the impeachment.

Plenty on the left are panicking over Republican’s efforts to fill RBG’s seat. They have aired their anger through threats of various kinds.

But Mr. Impeachment himself is upset about Trump’s view of the election, and just might be going farther than anyone else.

His latest demand suggests just how desperate Democrats are getting:

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is calling on Republicans working in the Trump administration who have a “good conscience” to do one thing — resign…

He said, “This is a moment that I would say to any Republican of good conscience working in the administration, it is time for you to resign.”

Accusing the president of wrongdoing, he is calling on Republicans who work with Trump to resign over “good conscience.”

And why is Schiff making this ridiculous demand? Because the media is claiming, based on a few comments, that Trump “refuses” to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

Schiff has made wild accusations against Trump and his administration in the past. But really, telling his staff to resign in good conscience?

Let’s go over what Democrats have done in recent years. In 2017, not a single Democrat voted to cut taxes for working Americans.

Democrats have tried to use the courts to oppose Trump’s every move, including moves that have benefited the country.

They accused Trump and his family of being “Russian agents.” They impeached the president over a phone call.

Democrats wasted the country’s time as a virus spread around the world. They ignored COVID-19 until March—long after it was too late.

They locked down entire states and slapped fines on churches for meeting.

So… who should really resign out of good conscience?

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat Adam Schiff told Trump staffers to resign out of “good conscience.”
  • The congressman attacked Trump over comments about the election.
  • Schiff has made numerous wild accusations about the president during the impeachment.