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Bette Midler Crosses Line, Tells Biden To Physically Attack Trump At Debate Tomorrow

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Bette Midler went too far this time when she counseled former Vice President Joe Biden to physically attack President Trump at tomorrow’s big debate.

She said, “I have to say this to #VicePresidentBiden, who is much more conservative than I ‘Sir, on Tuesday night you will be going toe to toe with a stupid, but wily street fighter,” Midler tweeted. “My advice is ‘KICK HIM IN THE NUTS!’ And then do it again for the 200,000 people he murdered!”

“We gotta make this one stick and not get buried in his mountain of crime, which will be eclipsed by the next #Trump shocker. All that thievery and the idiot still screwed it up.”

CB Iowa 4h ago NYTimes What stood out to me is the reporting that Dreamers pay billions of dollars every year in their taxes and Trump is always saying how they are sponging off Americans.  And he only paid $750 last year in taxes? Who’s sponging off whom?”

From Lifezette:

For decades, the entertainer Bette Midler was best known for her singing and acting abilities. Since Donald Trump took office, however, she has become far more infamous for her frequent deranged and unhinged attacks on the president on social media.

Over the weekend, Midler took her hatred for Trump to a whole new level when she called on Biden to physically assault the president during the first 2020 presidential debate….

 The claim that Trump “murdered” 200,000 people is of course false, yet Twitter has yet to fact-check Midler for it. She was trying to blame Trump for COVID-19 deaths, of which there have been over 209,000 in the U.S., according to Worldometers. However, the virus originated in China and has killed nearly one million people al over the globe, so Trump can hardly be accused of “murdering” those who have died here.