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President Trump Rips Joe Biden, Calls Him ‘Unhappy Warrior’ As Trump Crosses Country Fighting For Every Last Vote

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President Donald Trump ripped former Vice President Joe Biden during his multiple campaign events across swing states yesterday with ore of the same scheduled today.

He called him an “unhappy warrior” Sunday in Iowa and kept up the pressure holding his last rally in Florida that went well past midnight.

“He is the most unhappy warrior, I’ve ever seen, did you ever see it?” Trump said. “He’s agitated you know, he’s just angry and agitated and he doesn’t want to be there.”

“I didn’t watch much of Biden’s speech, he made a little speech, little tiny, he does very short speeches,” Trump said. “Very short. Like the shortest speeches I’ve ever seen actually.”

“He just wants to go home to the basement, he doesn’t want to be there,” Trump said.

“He was very agitated, right. Trump said, imitating Biden. “And then he’d have like two cars, ‘Honk. Honk!”

“Now he’s starting to lose in the polls and it’s driving him crazy,” Trump said. “So what does he do? He brings in Barack Hussein Obama and you know what happened to his attendance? It went down. His attendance went down!”

Trump was talking about the polls tightening as election day approaches.

For News’ Brett Bair agrees the race is getting close. From The Hill:

Fox News’s Bret Baier said Sunday that “the picture has changed” regarding the battle for the White House between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, with the network’s chief political anchor adding that the race in key battleground states is “narrowing fast.”

“For Trump supporters, they said they knew this all along, in fact, they say it will be a blowout the other way,” Baier told Tucker Carlson. “I don’t see that picture either.

I do see a national race that may have some separation, if you look at the corners of the country. But in these battleground states, it is narrowing, and it’s narrowing fast.”

“If you look at 2016 as a template, if you are within the margin of error, Donald Trump has outperformed that, at least in the past,” the “Special Report” anchor continued.

“And there is some indication that it’s not going to be different. They are already seeing some movement in Florida. If [Trump] holds Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona, it really comes down to Pennsylvania.”