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Matt Gaetz Says “Military Ballots Will Secure Georgia For President Trump” As Biden Takes Lead In State

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Matt Gaetz just came forward with a prediction that President Trump will retake the lead in Georgia due to military ballots.

Trump had a lead but as the Dem vote came in the race tightened. Biden just took a slight lead this morning and there are less than 10,000 votes left to count.

But there are also provisional ballots that will need to be verified and counted and we do not know the makeup of that voter.

And military ballots need to be counted and some are still coming in. We do not know how many of the military ballots have been counted or if they have even started counting them but this race is not over.

The military ballots have to have a postmarked by last Tuesday and they have to arrive in Georgia today to be counted.

Matt tweeted out: “Military ballots will secure Georgia for President Trump.”

Georgia has two Senate seats up for grabs that appear headed for a runoff.

From The AP:

The outcome in several contested states will determine whether Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump. But if the Democratic challenger wins, the ambitions of a Biden presidency could well come down to Georgia.

Georgia, long a Republican stronghold — but one with rapidly changing demographics — could be the site of two runoffs on Jan. 5 to settle which party would control the Senate.

Should Democrats win them, Biden would be dealing with a majority in the Senate, increasing his chances for passing legislation and securing major appointment confirmations. Otherwise, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, could wield the power to block Biden.

Other races in North Carolina and Alaska also hold the potential to reshape the balance of power, but Georgia offers the more likely prospect.

In Georgia, two runoff elections would mean a campaign on an almost national scale, with tens of millions of dollars spent by both sides.

Biden has been mum on the Senate balance as he awaits the results in his own election, but he offered a preview days before Tuesday’s election.