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Michelle Obama Insults 70M Trump Voters: “Supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division”

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The election was close and Trump has every right to ask for recounts and use the court system until he is out of options.

Whatever happens, it is important for the Democrats to remember that Trump got 70 million votes and the best path forward is to unite behind what we agree on – which is actually a lot – versus what divides us.

Michelle Obama seemed to be saying as such to her supporters and the rest of the country but she blew it by insulting Trump voters before the ink was dry on her tweets.

She said, “Thank you to all of you who poured every ounce of your hope and determination into this democracy over these past four years, registering voters, getting them to the polls, keeping folks informed. More votes were cast in this election than ever before. It’s because of you.

And after we celebrate — and we should all take a moment to exhale after everything we’ve been through — let’s remember that this is just a beginning.

It’s a first step. Voting in one election isn’t a magic wand, and neither is winning one.

Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division.

We’ve got a lot of work to do to reach out to these folks in the years ahead and connect with them on what unites us.

But we’ve also got to recognize that the path to progress will always be uphill. We’ll always have to scrape and crawl up toward that mountaintop. And two years from now, four years from now, there will once again be no margin for error.

We see now the reality that we can’t take even the tiniest part of our democracy for granted. Every single vote must count — and every single one of us must vote. And as a country, we should be making it easier, not harder to cast a ballot.

So it’s up to us to stay engaged and informed, to keep speaking out and marching on. We’ve got to vote in even greater numbers in the upcoming Senate runoffs in Georgia—and every state and local election going forward.

We’ve got to promise each other that our focus in this election won’t be an anomaly, but the rule. That’s how we can not only feel this way right now, but in the months and years ahead. It’s the only way we’ll build a nation worthy of our children.”