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Trump Jr. Just Got The Democrats’ Attention – He Demands For His Father To Declassify Everything

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Trump and his campaign are clearly unhappy with how the media is covering the election.

The president refuses to concede and is calling for recounts and lawsuits. This might not be settled until it reaches the Supreme Court.

Despite all this, most media outlets “called” the race for Joe Biden—as if they are the gatekeepers of our democracy.

But, undeterred, Donald Jr. had a brilliant idea. And it might have every Democrat on alert:


We can’t let the bad actors get away with it.

Obviously, the president knows quite a bit about the inner workings of the swamp than we do. But as president, he has a duty to keep sensitive information out of the public hands.

But if he believes the left and media are determined to undermine our elections? Then why shouldn’t Trump declassify everything he knows?

Over the year, numerous documents were declassified that shed considerable light on Democrats and our government.

What about the stuff that has yet to come out? What will we learn?

If Trump does end up losing the election, could he release more information on our corrupt media and Washington swamp?

Could it change the outcome of this and many other elections? Who knows, but it may concern Democrats if Trump airs out their dirty laundry.

The DOJ and others have ignored public calls for some investigations. But if certain details hit the public, then they won’t be able to protect the swamp for long.

The media is clearly trying to protect Joe Biden. But if Trump moves ahead with this nuclear option, things could change very quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans continue to fight as the media declares Biden victorious.
  • Donald Trump Jr calls on his father to declassify everything.
  • He wants Trump to expose the “bad actors” in our government.

Source: Twitter