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Trump’s Lawyers Quit in Pennsylvania and Arizona Dealing Blow To Campaign’s Legal Fight

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A second law firm representing President Trump and the GOP has quit and withdrawn from an election case. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur withdrew today from a case in Pennsylvania last night.

Snell & Wilmer withdrew the other day from Trump’s case in Arizona. Now while it is true there has been a shameful pressure campaign from the left to get these law firms to quit that is not the full story.

Trump is losing and losing badly in these cases. I think he is 1-12 right now and the one win he had in Pennsylvania yesterday will not change the outcome as it affected a minimal number of ballots.

In Arizona Trump’s lawyers are not even alleging fraud and where Trump’s lawyers have alleged fraud, the evidence they have presented is so flimsy the judges are refusing to even consider it other than to reject it.

“This is not a fraud case. It is not a stealing the election case,” Trump’s lawyer told the judge yesterday in his Arizona case. Instead, he is alleging flaws in the system that have been disproven by GOP officials in Arizona.

Look, Trump is within his rights to ask for recounts and use the courts but even if the Georgia hand recount comes back for Trump he still will not have enough electoral college votes to get to 270.

It ain’t over until the EC votes and Trump seems almost certain to mount a campaign to get faithless electors to pick him — the left mounted a campaign for faithless electors in 2016 too although I don’t remember if it was an official DNC program and just angry Hillary voters. They failed and if Trump tries it he will most probably fail too but it looks like he will try.

From The New York Times:

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, the law firm leading the Trump campaign’s efforts to cast doubt on the presidential election results in Pennsylvania, abruptly withdrew from a federal lawsuit that it filed days earlier on behalf of President Trump.

“Plaintiffs and Porter Wright have reached a mutual agreement that plaintiffs will be best served if Porter Wright withdraws,” the law firm said in a federal court filing.

The firm’s withdrawal followed an article in The New York Times on Monday described internal tensions at the firm about its work for Mr. Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania. Some employees said they were concerned that the firm was being used to undercut the integrity of the electoral process. One Porter Wright lawyer resigned in protest over the summer.

Porter Wright, based in Columbus, Ohio, has received at least $727,000 in fees from the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, according to federal election disclosures.