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Dan Bongino Puts Sellout Republicans On Notice, Issues Warning: ‘And I’m Naming Names”

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Dan Bongino dropped the hammer on certain members of the Republican Party in a show titled “I Am Done with Sellout Republicans — And I’m Naming Names.”

He is putting the GOP on notice over their “take my scalp last” relationship with the media. “I’m cutting ties today with the Obadiah Stane brigade,” he said.

“You want to fire away at attorney Sidney Powell without even giving her a chance to make her case, fine. If she can’t make a case, she can’t. It’s her reputation. I’ll be the first to admit it if it’s not a case and she steered us wrong.”

“You want to waste your time this weekend under the old rules, trying to virtue signal to the left.

“How pure you are, ‘look, I’m attacking Sidney Powell too’?” he added.

“You want to be spending the entire weekend attacking President Trump, despite substantive examples of potentially very serious election integrity issues in this election?

“You waste that time. I’m done with them.”

Bongino said Chris Christie calling the president’s legal team a “national embarrassment” was a perfect example of a “please, take my scalp last” mentality.

“I’m really tired of these sellout, slob, loser Republicans turning on the president at a moment’s notice because they have their own political interests in mind — not the country,” Bongino said.

“Larry Hogan wants to run for president, which is quite hilarious, I might add.”

“The left is lying, cheating, stealing, and trying to get you kicked off and de-platformed,” he said (he owns Parler).

“They want to silence your free speech, take away your firearms, your money, your civil liberties, and your right to speak openly on the internet.

“And you want to play patty cake with them and roast marshmallows with them?

“And make little s’mores sandwiches?”