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After Texas Sues 4 Battleground States In SCOTUS – Four Trump States Just Planned To Join The Fight For “Election Integrity”

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Donald Trump’s campaign has suffered numerous court defeats in recent weeks. However, that doesn’t mean the President’s team is ready to give up.

In fact, there are many who still support Trump’s fight. For example, Texas recently sued four battleground states – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin – for the sake of “election integrity.”

And Texas isn’t flying solo, either.

Now, four more states have thrown their weight behind this latest legal push. It’s no surprise that these states historically vote Red, though they will claim this isn’t a partisan issue.

Instead, this is more about determining the stability, reliability, and accuracy of our republic’s election processes.

It started with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who posted on Twitter that he is officially “in the fight” with Texas, which challenges the 62 Electoral College votes in those 4 critical states.

Schmitt says he will defend election integrity “at every turn”:

This kicked off a bevy of positive responses from other Republican leaders across the country.

Not long after, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry released a statement, in which he called for the Supreme Court to consider Texas’ lawsuit:

Only the U.S. Supreme Court can ultimately decide cases of real controversy among the states under our Constitution.

That is why the Justices should hear and decide the case which we have joined representing the citizens of Louisiana.

Then came Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who added his official statement on Twitter:

Marshall specifically cites “unconstitutional actions and fraudulent votes” that ultimately “affect the citizens of all states.”

He added that “every unlawful vote counted, or every lawful vote uncounted, debases and dilutes citizens’ free exercise of the franchise.”

Lastly, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said he had reviewed the Texas lawsuit, and had decided to support the motion “in all legally appropriate matters.”

That’s four more states that have signed on to back the Texas suit. Even so, this hardly guarantees the Supreme Court will hear the case — thus far, they’ve been reluctant to side with the Trump campaign.

Furthermore, if the Electoral College certifies the votes, Trump has already said he’d leave the White House.

And as the Texas lawsuit seeks to challenge the 62 Electoral votes earned in 4 states, those would have to be tossed out if the President has any hope of getting another 4 years.

So, maybe it all comes down to this last effort.

Key Takeaways:

  • After Texas sues 4 battleground states, 4 more largely Red states stand up to support the effort.
  • The Attorney Generals of Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas have called on the Supreme Court to hear the case.
  • The lawsuit challenges the 62 Electoral College votes given to Joe Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.


Since the writing of this article, more states have jumped on board:

There are now a total of 17 states that support the Texas lawsuit.