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Kayleigh McEnany Breaks Silence On How God’s Plan Led Her To Work For Trump At White House

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“As I grew up, listening to Rush Limbaugh in my Dad’s truck shaped my views and only energized me more,” McEnany told Fox News.

“I was – as they say – a ‘Rush Baby.’ As a high schooler,” she said, “I would drive my friends to school and force them all to listen to Rush!”

“To this day, I still find this surreal,” McEnany said. “I vividly recall standing in the Brady Press Briefing Room as a young college student, watching Dana Perino give a briefing as she fielded questions.”

“Twelve years later, I was standing behind the podium taking questions,” McEnany said. “I have a picture in my office standing beside the podium as an intern; now I have a picture behind that very podium both as a press secretary and as a mom, holding my one year old after my first briefing.”

“God had a clear and definite plan for my life, and he put me on this journey in media and politics for a reason,” she said.

“I recall both a former Democrat colleague at CNN as well as my Dad telling me you come into your position ‘for such a time as this’– words from the book of Esther, a book that my hometown church ironically did a series on during my time here at the White House.”

“I tell you this to emphasize I approached this position with a sense of responsibility to live up to the task God had planned for me,” she said.

“You will have struggles, hardship and seemingly insurmountable challenges,” McEnany said on the struggles of being a working mom in the White House.

“Know you can overcome through faith and that God has a path for you if you trust Him and follow it.”

“It is hard to describe the sheer joy I felt when I learned that I would be President Trump’s next White House press secretary,” McEnany said.

“The years and years of hard work and sacrifice were culminating in an opportunity to communicate the Trump agenda directly to the American people.”

“I think the toughest part for me has been the time spent away from my newborn,” she said. “I’ll never forget holding my daughter, Blake, a few days before my husband drove me up to D.C.”

“As I was holding her, I talked to her about my new job and how sad I would be to be away from her,” she said.

“Unexpectedly, I started to cry, and I remember my tears falling on her. As my tears fell on her, she gave me her very first smile.”

“It was her way of saying ‘it’s going to be OK!’” McEnany said.