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Supreme Court Rules On 29 Senators Suing Trump – Their Case Against Donald Has Been Denied

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Democrats have been using the courts to go after Trump for years.

From his taxes to his business connections, Democrats have tried to find something—anything—that could stick.

Twenty-nine Democrat senators brought a lawsuit against the president. They accused him of using his position to enrich himself.

A D.C. Circuit Court shut them down, saying it was not the court’s place to decide.

So, the leftists brought the issue before the Supreme Court.

And they just gave the left an answer:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to take up a case by 29 Senate Democrats who alleged that President Trump violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which prohibits self-dealing by federal officeholders…

The court’s denial means that Democrats’ petition failed to garner support from at least four justices. It also leaves in place the lower court ruling…

“But we will not — indeed we cannot — participate in this debate.”

Democrats are trying to make the claim that the president is trying to get rich from being in office.

But the Supreme Court refused to take up this case, upholding the verdict of the lower court.

It’s pretty rich for Democrats to make this kind of accusation against Trump. After all, we’ve all learned his net worth dropped since he entered office.

He had to divulge himself from several of his companies. He ended his lucrative relationship with NBC (and other TV networks).

And on top of that, he’s donating his presidential salary every quarter.

So… how is Trump getting rich off of being president?

Let’s not forget how the last two Democratic presidents made bank because they were in the Oval Office.

Despite earning a hefty salary as president, Bill Clinton and his wife claimed they were destitute when they left office. That allowed them to literally pillage the White House of furniture and other valuables.

And what about Obama? The man is in the lap of luxury since finishing his second term. After going on months’ long vacations, he sits on the board of Netflix.

He and his wife have multi-million-dollar book deals.

Then there’s Biden, whose son got nice and rich from Joe’s time as VP. Can anyone say the two were unrelated?

It seems the only person not profiting from his administration is Trump. Yet Democrats are saying the exact opposite.

Who do you think is profiting from their Washington ties?