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Trump Puts Fox News On Notice With Cryptic Message: “New alternatives are developing”

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President Trump just put Fox News and Rupert Murdoch on notice by dropping a massive hint of what’s to come. 

Trump has been feuding with the network and has strongly suggested he may start a new media company to take down top dog Fox News. 

He said today: “Watching @FoxNews is almost as bad as watching Fake News @CNN. New alternatives are developing!” 

We reported earlier. From The Daily Mail:

Trump is particularly angry at Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who moderated Trump’s first debate against Biden, along with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, Axios said. 

The ratings-obsessed president recently dropped a comment into the middle of a conversation that wasn’t about Fox, asking the individual he was speaking with if they’d heard that Newsmax’s Greg Kelly beat MacCallum in the 7 p.m. hour, the news site reported.

The president has tried to get his supporters to leave Fox and watch Newsmax or One America News Network instead.

Kelly edged out MacCallum in one demographic – the 25 to 54-year-old demo – on one night, December 7.

It hasn’t happened since.

Otherwise MacCallum’s ‘The Story’ consistently had better ratings than ‘Greg Kelly Reports’ throughout the month of November.

Fox News Channel’s year to date numbers show the network remains on top of the other cable news channels, winning in both daytime and primetime programming and in the all-important age 25 to 54 demographic.

Meanwhile, since the election, Newsmax has seen a decrease in viewership.

And the right-wing network joined Fox News Channel this week in calling Biden ‘presidernt-elect’ after Monday’s Electoral College vote.