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Donald Trump Receives National Honor – Smithsonian Is Planning To Hang President Trump’s Portrait

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What’s Happening:

Many patriotic Americans continue to be thankful for Trump’s time in office. They hope he considers returning to the White House in four years.

The left, however, wants to forget he was ever president. Some of them even tried to prevent anything from being named after him.

But in one recent instance, the left isn’t getting what it wants. Because Trump is about to receive an honor that every president has received before him.

From The Epoch Times:

A portrait of former President Donald Trump will be hanging in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington when the museum reopens to the public.

The portrait will be in the museum’s America’s Presidents gallery, which has portraits of all past presidents.

The portrait will be a new acquisition, Concetta Duncan, head of communications at the gallery, told The Epoch Times via email. It could be a painting, a photograph, or a work on paper.

We all remember the last presidential portrait to be hung in that gallery. Obama’s bizarre portrait, surrounded by leaves as he sat in a chair, confounded the world.

President Trump’s portrait has not been revealed. It is likely that Trump himself will commission an artist to do it—according to his own requests.

We can count on that portrait to be artistically pleasing and patriotic.

I’m sure plenty of Democrats were hoping this wouldn’t happen. Many of them smugly mocked Trump online as video of Donald’s photo was taken down from the White House (a common move after an administration).

Democrats still appear to be suffering from TDS. Many reel from the mention of his name. Pelosi recently apologized for even mentioning him.

They seem to be trying to scrub the idea that Trump was ever a person in the Oval Office from their minds.

But they will not be able to visit the Smithsonian ever again if they want to forget Trump forever.

A commission like this might take some time to prepare. But when it’s ready, you better believe we’ll be covering it.

Do you think Trump’s picture should hang in the Smithsonian?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Smithsonian will be featuring Trump’s Presidential Portrait in their gallery.
  • The painting will be commissioned by an artist and presented in the future.
  • This comes after some Democrats have tried to scrub mentions of Trump.

Source: The Epoch Times