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Republicans Just Broke Fundraising Record – To Kick Off 2021, Their First Quarter Brought In $33.7M

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The Republican Party has one primary goal right now: win back the majority in the House. They also want to make a big splash in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

But in order to achieve these goals, the party is going to need some help, both from its leaders and its donors. Fundraising remains a major element of success in the political sphere, of course.

And the GOP just set a new record in that area.

Since Joe Biden won the presidential election, Republicans have been pushing to reclaim lost interest from right-wing citizens. They want to remind their supporters that all is not lost.

Now, it seems that message hasn’t gone to waste — because the people are definitely stepping up.

The Republican Party announced a record fundraising haul during the first part of 2021, including an especially lucrative March. And this burst of donations could continue through 2021.

If it does, it would place the GOP in a solid position for reclaiming some power on Capitol Hill.

Via Fox News:

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on Thursday reported that it brought in $33.7 million in fundraising in the January-March first quarter (Q1) of this year.

The figures, shared first with Fox News, include a large $19.1 million haul in March alone, which the NRCC says beats its previous off-election year record by $3.6 million.

The NRCC had nearly $30 million ($29.7M) on hand at the end of last month. And that’s significant because it’s 57 percent more than they had at the same point in the previous election cycle.

The good news for right-wingers doesn’t end there, either.

In fact, the Committee confirmed it has zero debt overall. And several of its leaders are stepping up; House Minority Whip Steve Scalise donated $3.5M and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave $5.3M.

NRCC spokesman Michael McAdams believes he knows why donations have skyrocketed recently.

He thinks it’s because “voters are motivated to fire Nancy Pelosi,” and the GOP is determined to avoid the Democrat socialist agenda.

On the other hand, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) raised $18.5 million in January and February (their total Q1 figures aren’t in yet).

They also say they have $25.9 million cash on hand. However, they do have $11 million in debt, so their actual available cash doesn’t appear to be close to the GOP’s right now.

It may seem as if Democrats maintain a stranglehold in Washington, but history says a Red Wave might be coming soon.

Typically, the party that controls the White House loses about 25 House seats during the midterm elections. And given these fundraising numbers, the GOP might take even more this time.

Much of this could be attributed to the Republican reaction to a more “extremist leftist agenda.”

And if liberal politicians keep going farther left, expect Republican contributions to continue to rise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Republican Party announced a record fundraising haul for Q1 2021: $33.7M.
  • The NRCC also has $29.7M in cash on hand, and zero debt.
  • This might be the result of Republicans reacting to far-left policies, and the drive to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Source: Fox News