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Democrats And Republicans Gang Up On Biden – They Want To Strip The President Of Some Of His War Powers

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If you ever wanted proof that Biden’s in trouble, this is it.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by many that Biden isn’t like previous presidents. But not in a good way.

He’s turfed some of his job to Kamala. Falls asleep at 7 PM apparently. He refuses to do press conferences. And he has pushed executive orders instead of working with Congress.

Add to that a sudden airstrike in Syria that nobody saw coming, you have a man that can’t be trusted.

So, both Republicans and Democrats are seeking a way to stop him from making any more decisions, regarding war.

From Daily Wire:

A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday introduced legislation seeking to rein in war powers from President Joe Biden by repealing two decades-old military authorizations…

“Last week’s airstrikes in Syria show that the executive branch, regardless of party, will continue to stretch its war powers,” the Democrat and former VP candidate said. “Congress has a responsibility to not only vote to authorize new military action, but to repeal old authorizations that are no longer necessary.”

Even Democrats got scared when Biden ordered an airstrike against Syria. After four years of growing peace in the Middle East, Biden risked upending all of it.

A group of Democrats and Republicans want to repeal two old laws that allow the president to order military strikes.

According to the Constitution, only Congress can declare war. But these two bills from 1991 and 2002 respectively, allow Biden to make certain military decisions, including airstrikes.

It seems senators fear that Biden will return us to a time of “forever wars,” where America is obligated to fight overseas endlessly.

Democrats wanted to do the same thing while Trump was president, but failed. The real reason they didn’t bother repealing these laws back then, was because Trump wasn’t eager to start new wars.

In fact, he was the first president in decades not to start new conflicts overseas. He was, despite his what his critics said, spreading peace across the planet.

Biden’s been in office for just a month and a few weeks, and already he’s spreading death and destruction.

It’s unclear if this movement to strip Biden of power will gain steam in Congress. But it just might, if the man continues to order airstrikes without warning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats and Republicans want to strip Biden of his war powers.
  • This comes as a response to his airstrikes against Syria last week.
  • In contrast, Trump de-escalated conflict in the region.

Source: Daily Wire