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After Kamala Harris Refuses To Visit The Border – Republicans Troll Vice President With Milk Carton “Missing” Pic

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President Joe Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to look into America’s southern border issue. At the time, Harris called it a “very challenging situation” and promised to examine it.

But that was nearly a month ago. We haven’t heard much in the way of progress from Harris since then, and Republicans are wondering why she appears to be MIA.

So, the GOP decided to drop the best political “troll” moment of the year.

Harris’ silence on the border in the past 20+ days has resulted in plenty of Republican backlash. And Biden’s reversal of former President Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy hasn’t gone over well, either.

Recently, Harris announced she’d be visiting Guatemala to “engage in diplomatic efforts.”

But that isn’t the border, which she has yet to visit since being put in charge of the situation. And the GOP demands answers, because the VP’s silence is now deafening.

That’s why a very special milk carton showed up at a recent press conference:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ face can clearly be seen on the carton, with “MISSING at the border.”

Biden said he could “think of nobody who is better qualified” to handle the border problem. But as far as Republicans are concerned, this person appears to be avoiding the issue at all costs.

To date, the White House has yet to call the 2021 border surge and fresh instability a “crisis.”

However, the statistics are starting to concern lawmakers:

According to Breitbart’s John Binder, “more than a million” foreign travelers could arrive at our southern border before the year is out. Total apprehensions could hit 1.2 million overall.

On top of this, border officials continue to worry about the worsening conditions.

More migrant facilities are becoming overcrowded, border security is once again overworked and overwhelmed in many ways, and the pandemic fears make everything even more difficult.

Harris is right when she calls it a “challenging situation.”

But her lack of action appears to speak volumes, and many simply wonder why she refuses to at least visit the border. Because in the eyes of many, this should be a top priority right now.

Key Takeaways:

  • It has been over 3 weeks since VP Kamala Harris was put in charge of the border issue. But she has yet to visit the border.
  • In response, the GOP made a milk carton with Harris’ face. It says, “MISSING at the border.”
  • Despite the concerning numbers, the White House still refuses to call the situation a “crisis.”

Source: Breitbart