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Nancy Pelosi One Step Closer To Being Fired – Republicans Just Hauled In A Record 2022 Fundraising

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It’s no secret that Republicans are determined to win in 2022. That might seem far away, but every second counts when it comes to saving America.

Democrats are trying everything in their power to force their radical agenda, whether Americans want it or not (and most of the polls say the majority does not).

Pelosi, seeing her career coming to a much-needed close, is trying to push through toxic spending bills, not to mention the Green New Deal hiding in the infrastructure bill.

But her majority has shrunk to a staggering two votes. And anything can shift the balance long before 2022.

Now, Republicans are making it clear Pelosi’s days are numbered by making a new record. From IJR:

The National Republican Congressional Committee reported last week that it shattered the record for its largest-ever off-election-year monthly haul by $3.6 million.

The NRCC raised $19.1 million in March and $33.7 million for the first quarter of 2021, according to a news release…

“Republican voters are motivated to fire Nancy Pelosi, stop Democrats’ socialist agenda and take back the House,” NRCC spokesman Michael McAdams said in a statement.

With Biden making one mistake after another—and Schumer and Pelosi making a mockery of Congress—Americans are seeing firsthand how ineffective and dangerous a majority Democrat government is.

Republicans are wasting no time making sure they have the resources to fire Pelosi and her Democrats in the next election.

The GOP made huge gains in 2020, gaining more seats as Democrats lost seats. Democrats hang on to a very slim margin. It would be very easy for Republicans to take back the majority in the next election.

And they are that much closer to that reality with a record-breaking first quarter. They shattered their former off-election-year record by millions.

All that money can be poured into campaigns to get America-first candidates into Congress.

Add to that the fact that Americans will be forced to watch Democrats stumble all over the place in the next two years, putting us through unneeded hardship.

In many districts, Americans won’t be able to wait to get rid of Democrat congressmen.

You’d think, in light of all this, Democrats would be trying to cooperate with Republicans and actually forge some kind of compromise and unity.

But no. Pelosi continues to ram the left’s agenda through the halls of Congress.

Do you think Pelosi will lose the House majority in 2022?

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans raised a record $33.7 million in the first quarter of 2021.
  • The NRCC is focusing its efforts on winning back the majority in Congress.
  • Democrats have only two years before a possible shift in power.

Source: IJR