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Ben Carson Drops Load Of Bricks On Washington Swamp – On Live TV He Spotlights Biden Trying To Drive ‘Stakes of Division’

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Ben Carson is on a hot streak lately, and he just torched Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Donald Trump no longer comments on every major news story, but Carson has admirably stepped up to take on liberals in Washington.

The Chauvin case seems to have brought the worst out of the competition, with leaders like Maxine Waters pressuring the jury and Nancy Pelosi thanking Floyd for sacrificing his life for justice.

And now Ben Carson is exposing exactly what their tactics are, and helping the American people to never be duped again.

From Fox News via YouTube:

It infuriates me when I see us acting so immaturely and we have so much more capacity, and we can work together, we can solve these problems, but there are those who want to use every instance to drive stakes of division into everything, be it race, be it age, be it income, be it religion. It doesn’t matter, just drive stakes of division in it.

And we will destroy ourselves as a nation if we don’t wake up.

Wow! Ben just has a way of cutting through all the nonsense, doesn’t he?

He points out that it is below Americans to make decisions based on people’s external characteristics. That’s what animals do.

Instead we are to judge people on the content of their character.

But Carson is arguing that Democrats are calling on people to make judgment calls based only on what they see, that they use every tragedy to drive stakes of division between the American people.

Americans should follow Ben Carson’s example. He’s calling out what’s really happening, but he’s also challenging Americans to be better than what they’re seeing.

We need to take opportunities to build up and encourage whenever possible, not troll and attack whenever we disagree.

If we don’t take the lead, Carson may be right—it could lead to the end of the America we know and love.

Do you agree with Dr. Ben Carson?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ben Carson called out Democrats trying to drive stakes of division into America.
  • He is calling on all Americans to work together and solve the problems before us without dividing.

Source: Fox News/YouTube