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Trump Backs New GOP Group To “Beat The Democrats At Their Own Game”

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Donald Trump is putting his support behind a new Republican group with the goal of beating the Democrats at their own fundraising game. The aim of the new organization is to be a counterweight to the powerful Democratic fundraising machine.

The group, America Alliance, will compete with the Dems massive fundraising network Democracy Alliance. “For years Republicans have been at a fundraising disadvantage, but now thanks to Save America, Make America Great Again PAC, America Alliance, our fine party committees and all of our other supporting groups we’re going to beat the Democrats at their own game,” Trump said in a statement.

Michael Glassner will be the CEO of the group. He was the chief operating officer of Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. 

From The New York Times: The group was originally conceived of by Caroline Wren, a professional fund-raiser who has worked for officials including Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and who worked for the former president’s re-election campaign.

When it was first pitched to donors weeks ago, some advisers to Mr. Trump said that he was displeased with its existence, because it competed with other groups he was endorsing, and that he hadn’t signed off on it.

Since then, he’s warmed to the idea of a new group, which officials say will focus on grass-roots activity as well as donating to other organizations.

Mr. Trump decided to install Mr. Glassner at the top of the structure, with Ms. Wren working for Mr. Glassner as a senior adviser, along with a string of other senior staff members and a board of a dozen advisers.

Nancy Pelosi is also running her money machine so Trump has his work cut out for him. From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., raised more than $32 million in the first quarter of 2021 in her bid to retain Democratic control of the House after the 2022 elections, her campaign announced Friday.

That big fundraising haul among her various fundraising committees means that Pelosi has raised more than $1 billion for Democrats since she entered House leadership in 2002, her campaign said.

This year alone, Pelosi has already targeted $25.2 million of her $32.4 million haul for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the campaign entity designed specifically to elect House Democrats. 

Pelosi’s campaign said the millions reflect the public satisfaction with the Democrats’ agenda. 

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s massive fundraising haul is a direct testament to Democrats’ grassroots, political, and financial prowess that will hold the House for Democrats,” said Jorge Aguilar, executive director for Nancy Pelosi for Congress. 

“The American people are seeing the benefits of Democrats’ fight to Build Back Better, crush the virus, and save lives and livelihoods while [GOP Leader] Kevin McCarthy is painfully losing control of his reckless conference engulfed in a civil war.”