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Trump Makes $10,000 Donation To Help Cajun Navy Search For Missing Crewmembers Of Seacor Power

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump reached into his pocket and made a $10,000 donation to the families of the missing crew members of the Seacor Power according to the Cajun Navy.

The families put the money towards fuel for the ongoing search and rescue efforts by the United Cajun Navy to locate the last missing crew members of Seacor Power’s crew. Seven of the 19 Seacor Power crew members are still missing.

Todd Terrell, the president of the United Cajun Navy, confirmed that Trump’s donation is being used for the search efforts of the remaining crew members of the Seacor Power. The boat capsized last week in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Cajun Navy wrote on Facebook:

United Cajun Navy is forever grateful to everyone who is supporting and helping us assist the families of the missing Seacor crewmen.

2 Sea Planes flew from 7:30 – 1 pm today in a coordinated grid search for the missing Seacor crewmen.

Winds picked up throughout the day so planes landed back in Belle Chasse, La. at 1 pm.

High winds and rain will prevent planes from searching tomorrow.

Hopefully, seaplanes will resume the search Sunday.

We will be conducting a search by land with ATV’s along the beach Saturday starting at 9 am.

From WHAS:

The Seacor Power capsized in rough waters on April 12 while it was traveling about eight miles off the Louisiana coast. The Coast Guard on Monday suspended the search and rescue operation. All told, the searched had covered 9,000 square miles of waters off Louisiana.

Nineteen people were on board the vessel. Six people were rescued, and six bodies had been recovered and identified as of Friday afternoon.

The United Cajun Navy posted on Facebook that two sea planes flew a coordinated search on Friday until winds picked up. Rough weather is expected Saturday, so the group hopes to resume searching Sunday.