unique visitors counter Portland Mayor Begs For Help To ‘Unmask and Arrest Anarchist’ Mob: “I’m also asking for your help to make a stand and take our city back” – Washington News

Portland Mayor Begs For Help To ‘Unmask and Arrest Anarchist’ Mob: “I’m also asking for your help to make a stand and take our city back”

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Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler finally cracked down on the anarchist mobs that have been terrorizing his city for months. He extended a city-wide state of emergency but also asked Portland residents to help the police catch these thugs. He said the cops need help identifying and arresting the “self-described anarchists” that have rioted without care.

“The city is beginning to recover, but self-described anarchists who engage in regular criminal destruction don’t want things to open up, to recover,” Wheeler told Portland residents. 

“They want to prevent us from doing the work of making a better Portland for everyone. They want to burn, they want to bash. Our job is to unmask them, arrest them, and prosecute them. Let’s make it hurt them a little bit.

“Together we can make a stand. We’re doing what we can today. I’m also asking for your help to make a stand and take our city back.

“Our community needs to resume their lives, people need to go back to work, employers need to be able to reopen,” Wheeler said.

“I support our police using all legal strategies, including kettling, when the appropriate circumstances and resources are available to do so without putting officers at risk of physical harm.

 “I want to personally thank neighbors, family, friends, and others who have come forward with vital evidence. People know who these criminals are. They know what they’re up to,” he said.

From Fox News:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called Friday for the city’s residents to assist authorities in their efforts to “unmask” members of the “self-described anarchist mob” who have engaged in acts of violence and vandalism in recent months.

The Democrat extended a state of emergency in Portland through Monday amid concerns about potential unrest following the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer found guilty on all charges for the death of George Floyd.

The Portland mayor asked the public to come forward with any information on members of the anarchist group.

From Axios:

Wheeler faced backlash for urging residents to call the police if they see people who are “all dressed in all black” arriving at protests in cars. His office in a follow-up statement said he was referring to “those who engage in criminal actions.”

Flashback: “Understand that doing damage to us, our communities, and our resources undoes the work we do,” a group of Portland-based Black organizers and protesters wrote in an open letter last week, prior to Wheeler’s statement.

The mayor appeared to reference the letter, saying: “If BLM leaders can show the courage to stand up to this mob, then we all should.”

The other side: “They tried to make us look like we are against each other. We might not all agree on the ways that we protest or we fight, but we know that we must fight,” said protester Kevin Wright at a demonstration Saturday with other Black community members in response to Wheeler’s remarks.