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Kevin McCarthy Accuses Joe Biden Of Playing Old DC “Bait And Switch” Trick

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused President Joe Biden of the oldest trick in DC playing the “bait and switch” game. He said Biden has not lived up to his campaign promise of bipartisan governing.

“If I look at the 100 days, it’s more like a bait and switch,” McCarthy told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “The bait was he was going to govern as bipartisan but the switch is he’s governed as a socialist.”

“I have not met with the president one time, nor had one conversation. Republicans would be the first ones to work with him, but I think the very first thing we would need to do is define what infrastructure is: roads, bridges, airports,” he said.

“We would get this done. Biden is trying to pick a number instead of foreseeing what do we need to make America competitive.

“But I think when America found out that just 6% is going to the roads, that they’re not going to be built for more than a decade.

“That we spend more on subsidizing electric cars than roads, bridges and airports in this bill, I don’t think that’s going to be popular.

“But what we should read in that is that we should work together,” he said.

“What we think the greatest need we have now that can be done in a bipartisan way is conventional infrastructure, whether it’s the water, sewer, roads, bridges, internet — things that we know need to be repaired, be fixed,” Manchin said earlier seeming to agree with Kevin.

New poll numbers should concern Biden. From Fox News:

The national poll, released Sunday, also shows that while 53 percent of voters are unhappy with how things are going in the country, 45 percent are satisfied — the highest since January 2018.

Since last summer, the last time Fox asked the question, satisfaction among Republicans has turned to dissatisfaction and vice versa among Democrats. Dissatisfaction held steady among a majority of independents.   

Biden’s job approval ratings are below 50 percent on every top issue, with one exception: 58 percent approve on coronavirus (34 percent disapprove).

His ratings are lower, but still net positive on health care (48 percent approve – 37 percent disapprove), the economy (48-42), and foreign policy (42-41). More disapprove than approve on guns (36-49), border security (35-51), and immigration (34-52). 

Among Hispanics, a group whose 2020 election support for Biden lagged expectations, his 72 percent approval overall drops to 54 percent for his handling of immigration and 44 percent for border security. 

Both Democrats and Republicans express high levels of concern (at least 60 percent extremely or very concerned) about the economy, gun laws, health care, and infrastructure. Beyond those issues, strong partisan differences emerge.

The top three worries among Democrats are climate change, racism, and health care.  For Republicans, it’s illegal immigration, the economy, and voter fraud. Voter fraud comes in last for Democrats, while climate change is the lowest concern for Republicans. 

In general, voters say they want lower taxes and less government. By a 56-36 percent margin, they prefer paying lower taxes and having a smaller government that provides fewer services to higher taxes to support larger government/more services.

Yet nearly half favor Biden’s $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan (49-41 percent), and majorities favor paying for that plan by increasing taxes either on businesses and corporations (56-39 percent) or families earning over $400,000 a year (63-33 percent).